Frequently asked questions

  • What should I send in my application submission?
    We would like to see a minimum of 10 images that represent your individual style but also have a strong saleable subject. Providing a link to your website or online galleries will also help us with a wider view of your work. Millions of images are added to stock sites every day, we are looking for work that stands out from the crowd not just more of the same. Wow us with your best images! we edit very tightly and only the most creative, fresh and original images will make it. Travel images in particular must express what the place is about – it's vibrancy, beauty, culture and lifestyle. Model released imagery is in premium demand.Video is rapidly growing in popularity. If you are interested in submitting video please contact our Video Team.
  • Which types of license does robertharding offer to customers
    We offer our customers both royalty-free and rights-managed images, both with simple fee structures. While Rights Managed images are still popular in some territories we encourage our contributors to shoot royalty-free as this licence type is the most popularly requested by our customers and agents around the World.
  • Can I submit mobile imagery?
    Yes, we accept images from mobile phone cameras of 18 megapixels and above for our royalty-free collection. Images must be uploaded to our portal directly from the phone.
  • What about drone images?
    Short answer Yes, these are still subject to having and providing us with any required model/property releases for commercial use. However, there are legalities to be aware of when flying a drone to capture stills and video for commercial use. For more information see our Submission Guidelines.
  • Does robertharding accept footage clips?
    Yes. robertharding entered the clip sales market some years ago by acquiring an independent specialist agency, since then we have been expanding that collection to cover our core subjects (Travel, Culture, Nature & Environment), if you'd like to make money from your clips get in touch to discuss delivery options.
  • What is similar content?
    Similars are images or videos that when put side by side would look to the viewer to be substantially the same. For example, images featuring the same model, location, background, composition, technique, concept or a combination of these factors would be considered similar. Get in touch with us if you're still unsure, we're happy to help.
  • What image formats can I submit?
    Images must be submitted as highest quality jpegs and be a minimum of 5100 x 3400 pixels. Images should be native size and not be interpolated to reach this size as it reduces the quality. Images with digital artefacts, colour banding, sensor dust, over-sharpening, etc. will be rejected. For more information see our Submission and Upload Guidelines photograph submission and upload guidelines.
  • If robertharding decide to represent my work, must I sign a contract?
    Yes. A contract benefits and protects both parties by clearly describing our respective obligations and responsibilities. By registering on this site you are digitally accepting our representation contract. Our minimum contract length is five years. Under the terms of our contract, robertharding represents your work and negotiates the licensing of reproduction rights to them.
  • Why does the contract need to be exclusive?
    Yes, we're content exclusive, you're welcome to work with other agencies but any images or video clips we accept must be exclusive to us, this includes any similar work from the same shoot that was not selected. This keeps our content unique and more desirable to our direct customers and our network of over 80 agent partners globally.
  • What percentage of sales do contributing photographers receive and how often are they paid ?
    The contributing photographer's standard commission rate for new photographers is based on the quality and quantity of your content and whether you are prepared to commit to regular uploads of exclusive images and video. Photographic contributors are paid quarterly (approximately every 90 days), and sales payment cheques come with a computer printout detailing each sale made. If you are UK VAT registered, we'll send monthly sales statements, but you must send us an invoice for our records before we can issue a cheque.
  • How much will I earn?
    You'll be paid your percentage split based on your contract agreement. Payments are made quarterly on cleared sales providing a payout threshold of £100 has been reached.
  • Can I give up my day job?
    Anyone with experience in the highly competitive stock photography industry will tell you that it can take at least one to two years after signing with a stock photo agency before you can expect to see significant results and regular income. Here's why: First, you'll need to build up a significant file of top-quality images with our agency, at least 500 images on a wide range of subjects. We focus primarily on travel, lifestyle, nature and world cultures. If you shoot other commercial-inspired subjects give us a heads up, we may still want them. Stock photography is a numbers game: the more images you have accepted the greater the chances of those images being seen and bought. Second, once your images are received, it takes time for customers such as publishers to select and purchase; only shots relevant to someone's need will sell. It won't happen overnight, but we believe that any skilled photographer who studies and responds to the needs of the marketplace has a good chance of success. Third, global distribution through our network of image partners takes time, anywhere from 3 to 6 months from the original submission time to us.
  • Can I reapply if I'm unsuccessful
    Yes, however, we would advise you to consider the feedback offered and give yourself time to study what images and video clips the market wants and develop your own style so that you will stand out from the crowd.
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